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Wave of Change - World Record Breaking Attempt Starts
Carrick Masters Swimming Club - 29 Jun 2021

Track Neil’s swim here:

From Neil’s Facebook page:


The next update comes sooner than expected. This is part of the excitement and nature of these kinds of expeditions.

After carefully considering the options, I made the tough but necessary decision to change the course of the swim. The route is now that of Linosa (a Small Mediterranean island near Africa) to Malta. I will be swimming home.

The swim is still an attempt to break the current World Record of the “The longest continuous, unassisted, current neutral swim along a single-segment natural route in an ocean, sea, or bay” or in simple terms the ‘Longest Open Water Swim’ - currently held at 124.4km. This doesn't make the swim any easier or less of a challenge. All the exact same restrictions apply. It is still set to be a 50-55 hour non stop swim.

I will start swimming on Monday at 5pm.

As you can imagine, this takes mental agility from myself and the team to switch course at such short notice. But this is all part of the training and the mindset I am committed to.

The excitement ramps up another notch!

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