Easy Team Communication Between Coach and Players

Who? What? When? SportMember keeps everybody updated on each and every aspect of the team
  • Receive messages about team activities
  • Online activity registration and cancellation
  • Decide transportation for away games
  • Synchronise your teams calendar with your own
  • Avoid having to remind members to register or cancel for activities

A Calendar You Can't Live Without

The SportMember calendar and its features is your most crucial tool as the coach of a team. No matter if you're planning practice, matches or events, everything is visible for the whole team from this one place.
  • Create activities in the calendar with different activity colours
  • Exempt a member on holiday from team activities
  • Synchronise the team calendar with your own personal one

All Information is in the Squad List

No more teamsheets on the fridge and lost cell phone numbers. Get the team online with SportMember and save yourself from a lot of extra work.
  • Manageable team list
  • Invite members through an invitation link in a common mail
  • Contact information about teammates
  • Unlimited number of members on a team

Have fun with your teammates

Unity, team spirit and locker room banter makes team sport fun. SportMember lets you take part in social events and bond with your teammates.
  • Easy payment for social events
  • Upload pictures and videos of your team
  • Vote for Player of The Match

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