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Ankle workout and mobility

Description of the exercise: Walk alternately - in and out (exercise video A0100 Foot & Leg

Intention of the exercise: This exercise strengthens muscles to keep you balanced. It strengthens ligaments and muscles around the ankle. A simple exercise to avoid a sprained ankle. It is also a great rehabilitation exercise for a sprained ankle.

Regardless of what sport it is, strength and mobility (in hips, groin and ankle) is essential for a better control of your movements - like if you are passing a ball with the inside of your foot. It is a central exercise, especially for football players. Use it as an exercise for young football players.

How to do the exercise: Walk alternately - 4 steps turning the foot out, 4 steps turning the foot in, 10 - 15 m. To activate the whole leg, do it without shoes.

Great exercise to gain control of your feet and ankles, and to maintain good mobility in the hips and groin. Easy to do at home!

Recommended repetitions and set: 10 - 15 m

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