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Back workout

Description of the exercise: Alternately lifting arms and legs (exercise in video B0250 Abs & Back in

Intention of the exercise: This back exercise will strengthen your back muscles. All the way from the shoulders to the lower back. It activates your muscles across the whole back.

Regardless of the sport, it is very important to have a strong core. Exercises for gluteus (butt muscle) up to your shoulders is important core training. Training your back is therefore essential to maintain a good balance, have control of the movement, and a strong back.

Back problems can occur if there is fx an imbalance in the back, like weak back muscles. This makes the exercise suited to prevent injury. A weak spine/muscles can cause back pain or general pain in your back.

How to do the exercise: Lie on your stomach. Alternately lift your arms and legs, right arm and left leg at the same time, and then the opposite. Remember to keep your arms and legs straight through the exercise.

This is a perfect exercise to start your workout with. Try to keep back workouts as an exercise in your training schedule every week. This will prevent you from getting back problems and it will optimize a strong body.

Recommended repetitions and set: 5 - 15 / side x 1 - 3 set.

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