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Back workout

Description of the exercise: Backlift + leglift for back training (exercise video G1500 Combinations

Intention of the exercise: This combining exercise will strengthen your back muscles. All the way from the shoulders to the lower back. Regardless of what sport you do, a strong core is always essential. Training your back is therefore essential for keeping a good balance, control of movements and a strong posture.

Back problems can occur if there fx is an imbalance in the back, like weak back muscles. This makes the exercise suited to prevent injury. A weak spine/muscles can cause back pain or general pain in your back.

How to do the exercise: Low back lift + leglift. Pay attention that you keep your legs straight.

An exercise great to start your workout with. Try to always have some versatility in your training schedule.This will prevent you from getting back problems and it will optimize a strong body. The exercise is easy to do at home.

Recommended repetitions and set: 10 - 15 each x 1 - 3.

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