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Leg workouts, coordination

Description of the exercise: Quick jump forward, land on your toes. (exercise video A0310 Foot & Leg i

Intention of the exercise: This exercise enhances your strength in legs and joints.

It enhances ligaments around joints and muscles in your leg. Regardless of what sport you do, being light feet and quick is always an advantage, fx. if you need to be the first to catch the ball.

How to do the exercise: Quick jumps on your toes, forward, with your knees bent. Keep a good rhythm and speed to it.

Young people can gather their feet a bit more and have a more straight posture. Listen to the rhythm of your feet.

Continuity is a keyword in training and in the physical training.Easy to do at home!

Recommended repetitions and set: 10 - 15 m x 1 - 3.

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