U7 Orange - Rugby Borough

Sat, 08 Jun 2024, 09:00
U7 Orange - Rugby Borough
09:00 - 10:30 Saturday 8. Jun
Rugby Borough Friendly


Another great game by the boys today. Playing against a team in a tier higher than us and being that competitive with them shows how much the boys are improving massively every day

Key takes from today:

- Boys are improving a lot in physical contacts both with ball or in tackling 

- Better team playing switching play with good one touch passes

- Alfie showed great awareness in his positioning in the goal and pulling out some great saves, although a bit gutted that his assist was when he was playing with the other team ­čśé

- Dom was using his body and strength really well when on field and won several duels while getting great saves and superb covering of the defenders as a goalie

- Arthur our lion heart is as always very solid at the back winning 18 out of 19 duels ­čś▒ and getting super confident now using both feet

- Andi impressive spirit especially tackling a player almost twice his body size. Also improved a lot in positioning to be covering our wingers when opponents dribble past

- Long with some great sprints and aggressive tackles especially with their big striker

- Basant the maestro always finds the right place to stand either in possession or out

- Oscar the magician great carrier of the ball and great vision to give inch perfect passes with both feet

- Zach the sniper as always super clinical infront of goal with a hatrick but most importantly today he made a great effort defensively and won the ball several times for us today

Key highlights 

Best player: Oscar with a goal and an assist and most dribbles in the whole match between 2 teams

Best Skill: Zach dribbling past 3 players and then bottom corner finish for the 2nd goal

Best Save: Rush out 1v1 save by Alfie

Looking forward to next trainings and matches

Thanks everyone

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