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You know the drill.

Getting members to confirm their availability for training, matches and tournaments and usually requires constant reminders. It's probably part of your weekly routine. Fortunately, there is a solution, that might blow your mind.

Why not include all team communication and organizing in one simple app? That's exactly what the SportMember app does. The Team App is for coaches, players and parents once your club profile is created on SportMember. 

Connect all aspects of team sports on your smartphone and take it anywhere you go. Easy peasy, and best of all, the app is free.

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Team app - Member list overview

In the sport Club App, you can, among other things, access a detailed member list of everyone involved on the team. Here all the information is available and it is easy to get in touch with individual members via email or even all at once.

Sports management app - Team activities

The coach creates activities on the team such as practice, match or something completely different, and the rest is then up to the members. It is their responsibility to sign up and sign off activities, and they receive notifications about the activities so that the coach does not have to spend time and unnecessary resources on getting people to show up on time. The SportMember calendar keeps everyone updated on what's going on in the club, and the calendar can be synchronized with one's own personal calendar.

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Management app - Profiles

Both members, parents, coaches and club staff can view and edit in their own profile - for example, if the email or address no longer matches.

SportMember - How to get started

Start out by creating a profile and a club on the front page. After that, we advise you to go to Google Play or App Store and download the app. 

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