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Make a webshop available to members. Sell game sets, merchandise, tickets etc. and promote new items via SportMember email promotions. 
Registration and payment for sports camp
Create publicly accessible events such as a fall or summer camp. Registration for payment for both members and non-members

Is the pitch available at 19:00 tonight? We all know the problem when there is uncertainty about who has booked into the hall or pitch. That's why SportMember has, by popular demand, developed a bo...

SportMember banner free website

With the banner free extension for your club website you get to set up the ads or remove them completely. This add-on let's you manage the ads on your website. Here are some of the benefits with th...

SportMember Widgets

In today's digital age, having a dynamic and engaging website is crucial for any club or organization looking to connect with its members and community. One way to make your club website more int...

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Great overview with good answers to lots of questions about the SportMember system

Do you need help with a function on SportMember and you can't find it in our regular "FAQ" above?Then, w...

Match reports
Create your online match reports in just a few clicks and easily share them with your fans and friends.
Software for federations
The federation platform provides an overview and opens up new communication channels
Chat with your teammates or share information internally between the coaches.
GDPR for sports clubs: SportMember secures your information.
Inform the whole team at once via push messages, text messages and emails.
Assign fields, locker rooms and more to specific teams in the club with our resource management tool.
Info screen
Control your club's info screen to share an overview of pitches, locker rooms etc.
Line up builder
Pick out the starting players on the team with SportMember's lineup builder
Membership fee
Sign up players & teams in automated club payment system for recurring billing

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