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If you, as a sports team or club, don’t have any sort of messaging system set up to message members all at once, then the coach would have to get in contact with each individual member every time there is a new team activity – just like it was done before the internet. It would be extremely time consuming, which is why there are lots of different options today for instant messaging small and larger numbers of groups. SportMember offers you a free sports team attendance tracker, that does the tedious job who’s coming to the various activities and record the answers for you.

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There's a meeting in the club, but you don’t really know who's coming. Or afterwards you can’t remember who was there. Or the practice is going to be canceled and you have to phone each player individually. Or maybe you have a chat where all the information ends up and you have to scroll endlessly just to keep track. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you will benefit greatly from SportMember attendance tracker. Whether it’s practice, meetings, coaching session, Christmas party or whatever else is happening in your club; with the SportMember you can create an attendance list for any activity scheduled for your sports team or club. Once created you’ll able to keep track of whoever’s coming or going. 

You also decide who can sign up for which activity. Maybe it’s an activity for the whole club, or just one team, or maybe it’s just for management. Then you simply create the activity in the club calendar and click on those you want to add. You can always keep track of registrations and cancellations with the attendance app.

Attendance tracker - for all sports

When the activity is created, the attendance app tracking instantly notifies all the members that’s been invited. They’ll receive a push notification on their mobile device, to which they can reply either attending or not attending. In addition they can add a short personal message or comment to their reply. As a member who replied attending, you are now set up receive any updates about the activity. If any changes are updated attendants will receive an alert. Maybe the time of the event is moved or the event has been cancelled or is relocated to another place. The attendance app makes sure to send out team alerts so that everyone is alerted.

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Sports team attendance tracker - push notification service

As a coach or manager you also get an alert when someone has replied to the activity you’ve scheduled. With the SportMember attendance tracker app you’re always informed about your members’ status - whether they’re attending or not, or haven’t responded yet. If a member hasn’t responded yet, they’ll receive push notifications until they answer or the activity takes place. The notification service can of course be customized, so you decide when and how many times your sports team should be notified.     

Attendance tracker app: organize all your sports activities

With the SportMember attendance app you get more than just a simple excel sheet with names. The attendance or availability tracker is an interactive system and integrated with the rest of the SportMember software. With the attendance tracker comes free attendance templates for the most common sports club activities, so it’s possible for members to register for the different tasks that may be needed. Maybe you need drivers, or someone to pick someone on the way to the match or something like that. All the tasks needed to organize your sports club activities - these can very conveniently be filled out by the persons on the attendance list.

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My attendance tracker  - features and benefits

If you’re having trouble assembling a whole squad for practices or matches, or you lacking engagement from members in your sports club, an attendance tracker can be an effective tool for mobilizing players and members. The attendance tracker helps in numerous and different ways, so you can get the team together:   

  • All-in-one: The SportMember app is connected to the whole SportMember software. Therefore the attendance tracker can communicate with our other features meaning you can import your membership data directly to the tracker. You don’t have to use separate apps for attendance, calendar, payments, line-ups etc, and have to import data to each separate app for whenever you have to use it. With SportMember you get the benefit of having all the features in one app.

  • Automated attendance tracking: With our attendance app you have the option to automatically let your members know about news or changes and remind them of upcoming events. All you have to do is set up when and how members should receive notifications. If a coach creates a new activity, all players will automatically receive an email or push message if they have the app installed on their smartphone. The activity can be copied for future use, for instance practices, so the same players get the same notification. This is possible because the attendance tracker is connected to the shared schedule maker.

  • Free attendance templates: For many sports activities you don’t only want to know if members can attend or not. There are usually some tasks involved, so it can be necessary to know who does what. The free templates cover the most common sports activities, and members can register their names if they want the task. It’s especially useful for carpooling at kids or youth sports tournaments, so everyone can see who’s driving and how many seats are available.

  • Time saving: One of the major benefits of the attendance tracker is the amount of time you save - which is a lot. Notifications and alerts goes out to all members immediately, and you don’t have to worry if they got the message or not. Likewise, when members respond you get an instant notification as well, and all this is preset to be done automatically. It is also possible to inform only the members who have already registered for the activity about any changes. Everyone determine themselves of how many push messages or emails they want to receive.

  • Register attendance over time: The tracker saves the data for each activity, so you can see how attendance progresses over time. The data can be shown as statistical information of who and how many are attending team activities - something you can’t see in the day to day management. The information from the attendance tracker is automatically transferred to the SportMember attendance statistics. So you always have an overview of who has attended, missed or missed without further comments.  This can be a very useful management tool for every sports team or club, who wants to follow their development in terms of actual membership volume and engagement. 

These are just some of the benefits of the SportMember attendance tracking. They are general benefits that works for all sports teams and club. It is highly customizable, so it can also be put to specific use in accordance to each individual needs. Who is allowed to register, making a preselection, a maximum number of participants or create a waiting list, how and when should notifications, alerts and reminders go out - all of this is adjustable.

Sports club notifications, alerts and reminders - keep on pushing

No matter if you’re club lacks communication or support from it’s members, or you have a fully engaged membership organization - using the SportMember attendance tracker is a win-win situation. Notifications, alerts and reminders will push sleeping members to wake, and wide awake members will be happy to receive messages from the sports club the support. As club manager you also get a detailed overview of the club’s membership progression over time. 

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