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Line Up builder

In preparation for the upcoming match, you've probably been racking your brain all day trying to figure out who's on the pitch at kickoff. Keeping the names in your head is one thing, but you need a complete overview. This is where SportMember comes into play. 

The lineup builder is part of SportMember's overall team management system. Here you can drag and drop players from your team sheet directly onto the tactics board and build up your preferred lineup.

But not only that - but it's also visible for the whole squad to see! 

You can always adjust and change the starting lineup with this lineup creator. The example above is for a football formation, but can easily be adapted to other team sports and levels depending on the sport your team is registered as, so every type of sport can benefit from this online tool.

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Line up builder - linked with team calendar

Everyone can develop a basic feature that runs as a funny gadget. We do more than that. SportMember connects the lineup to specific activities in a shared online team calendar.

A lineup requires people to attend the actual activity. If you scheduling a match or a practice session for that matter. Who's showing up? SportMember does the trick by facilitating your online participation and communication platform, where players sign up themselves. 

This gives you a detailed overview. As a coach, you can always see how many people are attending and which ones. Based on this data you'll easily be able to select the starting eleven, if it's football, for every specific match. Don't bother going through the whole squad when only half the team is showing up on Saturday.

Simply drag players onto the board and move them around to specific positions. The formation builder quickly becomes your new favourite online tool. It can be shown on laptops, tablets and smartphones so that everyone is able to follow the coach's decision-making. SportMember saves all lineups, so you will be able to compare different activities in the calendar.   

Football lineup maker - for football coaches

In the world of sports, the starting lineup is much more than just the infographics at the beginning of a game. As a fan, it’s a topic of endless discussion and it’s what gets you excited before the game starts. 

For players, it is a motivational factor to be part of the starting eleven. But in the end, it's the coach's call. It's all about getting the results you need. For a football team, it's possible to create different tactics. Play with fast wings in a classic 4-4-2. Use the 4-3-3. It's all up to you. Shirt numbers are being shown - whether the player is starting or on the bench.

Another smart thing in SportMember is that the formation builder comes with the possibility to discuss the lineup with the other coaches. The coaching dialogue in every activity is designed to keep communication between the coaches without players knowing. 

rugby lineup maker


Line up maker - Half times notes and in-game remarks

In-game coaching is a part of any team sports match. Coaches shout to players, and players shout to players to help each other out. The lineup maker has some extra features that can assist in the tactics and strategies in-game and before and after the game.

Feel free to take notes with the SportMember app directly attached to the specific player like a coaching note. This information is only visible to coaches in SportMember.

As the game progresses you may notice something that can’t be communicated directly to the team or individual players, but has to be said during halftime. To ensure you don’t forget what it is till then, you can take notes in the lineup builder and prepare the strategy for the second half. 

Maybe you want the lock of a particularly strong opposing player, or some aspect of the team is doing really well, and you want them to do it more in the second half. Notes or comments can be attached to individual players.

  • Before the game: Pre-game tactics and strategy-making for a sports team can be almost as important as the game itself. This is the most difficult and most exciting task for coaches and the lineup maker gives you excellent tools to solve it. Besides lineup and comments, you can also access previous lineups and see how they worked out if you’d made comments about it then. The lineup can also be shown to players before the game. When players log into the system, they can see the lineup for every game the coach has made a lineup for and any comments about tactics and strategy. Players also see the formation and the position of their teammates, so they can prepare perfectly for the upcoming games. This type of preparation is what helps you beat the strongest opponents.   
  • After the game: There isn’t much strategy to be talked about post-game since the game is over. However, there is a lot of evaluation afterwards between players and coaches in the locker room. What went well, what went wrong, what should we have done otherwise etc. There are different perspectives to be had, and some of them can be very useful for future matches. So when the players go home to rest or whatever after the game, the great coach knows his or she’s job isn’t quite finished yet. They’ll note down the key post-game evaluations of tactics and strategy, which is useful later on. They can do this in the lineup maker. If they are really great they’ll also note down statistics from the match and note it in the SportMember statistics feature. Lots of stats give you really strong data for analysis, which also is a strong tool to help your tactical planning.

When it comes to the tactical and strategic management of a sports team, a squad builder and lineup builder is the most essential tools for great management. It helps with setting up, planning, communicating and evaluating the visions for the sports team and its performances. And even if you’re not driven by ambition, the lineup maker is still a fun feature for any sports team.    

team lineup builder
Getting your tactics right, can be helped if the team knows the plan in advance.

Get the most out of a line-up maker - not just for football

Let's have a look at why a lineup builder is essential for Cricket, Hockey, Football/Soccer, and Rugby. Let's dive right in!

A line-up maker for Cricket:

First up, we have Cricket. In Cricket, the right lineup can make all the difference in winning or losing a match. With a lineup builder, coaches can easily select the best combination of batsmen, bowlers, and fielders based on the conditions of the pitch, the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition team, and the skills of their own players. This allows for a more strategic approach to the game and can give teams an edge over their opponents.

A line-up maker for Hockey:

Moving on to Hockey, where having the right lineup can greatly impact a team's performance. In Hockey, players have specific positions and roles that they need to fulfil, such as forwards, defenders, and goalkeepers. A lineup builder can help coaches easily select the right players for each position based on their skills, experience, and fitness levels. This can help teams maintain a balance of offensive and defensive play and increase their chances of scoring goals and winning matches.

A line-up maker for Football or Soccer:

Next, we have Football/Soccer, where a lineup builder can be a game changer. In Football/Soccer, tactics and formations are key to success. A lineup builder can help coaches easily select the right players for each position based on their strengths, weaknesses, and playing styles. This allows coaches to experiment with different formations and strategies, such as a 4-4-2 or a 3-5-2, and adapt their tactics during a match based on the opposition team's performance. This can lead to more dynamic and exciting gameplay and increase a team's chances of winning.

A line-up maker for Rugby:

Last but not least, we have Rugby. In Rugby, having the right lineup can mean the difference between a successful scrum or a missed tackle. A lineup builder can help coaches easily select the right players for each position based on their size, strength, and playing style. This can help teams maintain a balance of attacking and defensive play and increase their chances of scoring tries and winning matches. Additionally, with Rugby being a physical and high-contact sport, having the right players on the field can help prevent injuries and keep players safe.

Get your integrated line-up maker with SportMember

A lineup builder is essential for Cricket, Hockey, Football/Soccer, and Rugby as it can help coaches select the right players for each position based on their skills, experience, and playing styles. This can lead to more strategic and dynamic gameplay and increase a team's chances of winning. 

So, if you're a coach or a fan of any of these sports, consider using the integrated lineup builder within SportMember to have a better overview of your players, and give your team the winning edge!

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