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Bayern Munich is without a shadow of doubt the power house of German football. Having said that, this year's Bundesliga campaign has not been convincing by the top dog in German football. They are accustomed to dominating the league from the start of the season untill they are crowned as champions. But with 25 games played, they are on the same amount of points as Dortmund. Dortmund has been dominating most of this season, but a bad period in the Bundesliga for them means Bayern is right back in the fight for the title. Bayern Munich was at a 9 point deficit untill matchday 16.

Internationally, Bayern has showed no signs of weakness. The Germans won Group E of the Champions League without losing any games through the group stage. A strong group with teams like Benfica and this year's Champions League sensation, Ajax. A tough draw saw them going to Liverpool in the first round of the knockout stage. First game resulted in a 0-0 draw away from home. A fantastic result against one of the best teams in Europe and Champions League finalists last year.

Here at SportMember, we have been fortunate in getting our hands on the newest Bayern Munich shirt for a review. If Bayern Munich is your favourite team, you should get your own Bayern Munich shirt right now. 

bayern munchen trøjer

The new Bayern Munich shirts: The South German Power House!

Even though this season hasn't been the best in club history, no football fans doubt Bayern Munich's status in German football. Since founded in 1900, the club has won 28(!) Bundesliga titles and has currently won 6 consecutive titles. Impressive! On top of that, the German giants has won 18 DFB-pokal titles and 5 Champions League titles, most recently in the 2012/13 season, where they won the "Treble"! A very rare sight as only 7 European clubs have managed to do that.! A further statement  to demonstrate Bayern Munich's status as one of the biggest teams in not only German football, but also in European football. The only way you can win this amount of titles is having world class players pulling the legendary shirt over their head. Players like Beckenbauer, Oliver Kahn and some of this generations finest talent in Robben and Ribery.

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Adidas has been the manufacturer  of Bayern Munich shirts through many years and this season's Bayern shirts are produced in 100% reused polyester. This provides the shirt with fantastic quality. Furthermore, Adidas has incorporated the Climalite-technology  in the fabric. With this technology, you will always play under the most optimal conditions possible. The Climalite-technology makes sure that you always stay cool and the shirt is always as comfortable as possible. The shirt is able to wick away sweat, which ensures the best possible experience.

Bayern Munich shirts have had a different expression throghout the years. From the all red, red with white or blue stripes, the checkered with couloured sleeves and so forth. This year, Adidas and Bayern Munich has chosen to go with the all red shurt with a "diamond"-pattern in different shades of red. The pattern serves as a symbol for the diamonds from Bayern Munich's logo and the horizon seen from Munich when you look towards the Bavarian Alps. A sort of tribute to the federal state of Bayern. In comparison to last year's shirt, red with white stripes, this year's shirt has a more retro look, which works incredibly well. It's elegant, and the different shades of red gives a nice twist to a classic look.

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To keep hold of the blue colour, which is another classic Bayern Munich colour, the sleeve cuffs has been equipped with the dark blue color. A nice little touch that adds a good contrast to the remaining colours. A last, nice detail on the shirt is the "FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN" printed on the back of the shirt. Nobody doubts that the South German football giant is visiting. A nice touch empowering the love for the club. 

bayern munchen trøjer

Bayern München logo

On the chest of the Bayern Munich shirt is the well known logo of the club. The Bayern Munich logo went through some big transformations through the first 60 years of the club's exsitence. Having said that, the logo has been having the same expression for since then. Bayern Munich's logo is framed by a blue and white circle. Inside these circles comes the red circle with the text "FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN". The center of the logo has a blue and white checkered patter, which represents the Bavarian flag. Another tribute to the team representing all of Bayern. One of the most interesting things about the logo of Bayern Munich: The stars! Most football fans know the meaning of the stars. Normally, the stars are an indicator of how many national championships the club has won. But to get 4 stars, you need to know a little bit extra about German football. Juventus has 3 stars, 1 for each 10 national championships. In Germany, the stars are used differently. 1 star after 3 national championships, 2 stars after 5 national championships, 3 stars after 10 national championships and 4 stars after 20 national championships. Once again, another impressive achievement by Bayern Munich, who is, by far, the most winning team in German football. 

bayern munchen logo

Review of the Bayern Munich shirt

  • The new Bayern Munich shirts has a new, innovative pattern compared to the white stripes from last year. Elegant look with a blast from the past including some old school ideas.
  • Still true to the colours! The club colours, especially red and white, lives on through this shirt. The blue colour with a smaller role on this shirt with only the shirt's sleeve cuffs being blue. Still works out really well.
  • The impressive 4 stars above the legendary Bayern Munich logo is something that the Bavarian fans can be proud of! It tells the story of a huge club that everyone should respect.

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