Divide your sports calendar into a weeks, months or a list of activities


The calendar is one of SportMembers best know and most used functions. The calendar is the clubs most important tool to organise activities and to get members to show up for practice and matches.

As one of SportMembers key functions, there is always a certain worry involved when you're updating a function as essential as this one.

However we've still chosen to give the calendar an update.

The new calendar on SportMember has keept everything that our many users know and love, but also there has been added so much more to that. The calendar i now not just a list of upcoming activities.

New calendar view

In the SportMember app, the calendar can now also be shown as a single specific day or an entire week at once.

The new daily view is specially designed for the people who are organising the entire club or team, and needs to the ability to jump between the various dates and see specifically which activities are happening - and when they are happening.

The new weekly view of the calendar shows you an overview of an entire week. This way, you'll always know when important activities take place during the week, on the various teams you are a part of.

The weekly view is especially suitable to families who quickly needs to see which days of the week, are  filled with the kids activities.

These calendar functions are exclusively for SportMember Premium users.

SportMember Calendar.png
Two of the three calendar designs. On the left you'll see the weekly view, while on the right you'll see the monthly view, where you select a single day that you wish to access.

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