Announcement: Jogee - Social Media/Marketing Manager

Trafford Handball Club
31 Oct 2023

Dear Trafford Family,


I've got some exciting news to share - we've got a new face joining our awesome crew. Let's give a big, warm Trafford welcome to Jogee!


Now, you might be thinking, "Yogi Bear? 🐻What's the story there?" Well, it turns out that Jogee has a knack for being as cool and lovable as our favourite cartoon bear. He's here to sprinkle some of his creative magic on our social media and marketing efforts.


Here's a bit about Jogee in his own words:


"Hey there! I'm Jogee, but you can call me Yogi, or whatever you fancy! Born and bred in Manchester, I'm all about sports, travelling, anime, TV & film, food, and just getting to know different cultures and people. I'm into videography, filmmaking, photography, video editing, and graphic design. I'm here to shine a spotlight on our amazing club - the journey, the staff, the players, the parents, the fans, everyone! I'm always up for a chat, so don't hesitate to share your ideas or even volunteer to be in the videos. To me, no idea is a bad idea - everything can turn into something great!"


So, whether you're keen to share a laugh, an idea, or just want to do your best Yogi Bear impression, Jogee is all ears. Feel free to contact Yogi via email: [email protected]


Let's make him feel right at home!

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