Clubs Parent and Player Code of Conduct

Rising Hope FC
3 Oct 2022




  • 1)I agree to accompany my children to as many games as possible, and in my absence try and make sure a guardian is with them. I will also be staying during training sessions 4-10years old as a must.
  • 2)I agree to not smoke or drink by the side of the pitch at home or away games. NO SMOKING on CBA grounds, if I am to smoke, I need to stand outside the gates.
  • 3)I will accept the coaches authority and support them with their player selection
  • 4)I will always ENCOURAGE my child with positive words and leave the Coaching to the coach.
  • 5)I agree in Mini Soccer that my child will be played in a number of positions during the season including goal keeper, which will aid with their long term development.
  • 6)I will respect all other players, coaches and officials at all games.
  • 7)I will always stand behind the respect barrier at games and not interfere with coaching sessions.
  • 8)I will always show enthusiasm, interest and support for my children.
  • 9)I will make sure my child has the right clothing and always supplied with a drink to training and games. SHIN PADS are 100% must at both training and games, NO SHIN PADS = NO TRAINING/GAME.
  • 10)I will look after the playing kit that has been given to me and agree to paying for any replacements.
  • 11)I will contact the coach if my child cannot make it to training or games.
  • 12)I will not post anything on Social Media about any of RHFC players or opposition players, coaches or the officials.
  • 13)I will not post any results of any MINI Soccer games as I understand u7,8,9,10 and 11 are NON-COMPETITIVE games and results do not matter.



  • 1)I will always turn up to training with a positive attitude and listen to what my coach has to teach me.
  • 2)I will respect all my players with in the squad and help when called upon.
  • 3)I will always respect my coaches, listen and take in what they say.
  • 4)I will respect all officials during the game. I WILL NOT shout at a referee during a game and always respect them.
  • 5)I accept that in the mini soccer years that I will be playing in all positions during the season to build my footballing knowledge and aid with my development.
  • 6)I will always wear my SHIN PADS. NO SHIN PADS = NO TRAINING/GAME.
  • 7)I will always bring a DRINK to training.
  • 8)I will ways wear my AWAY kit to training unless the coach says otherwise. (if applied)
  • 9)I understand what the badge stands for “WITH PASSION COMES HOPE”. I can achieve anything I have passion for in my life and within football. 

Chairperson: Graham Carley, [email protected]

Secretary: Madelyn Reid, [email protected]

CWO: Susan Ryan, [email protected]

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