How do I enable weekly booking?

How do I enable weekly booking? 

- You can decide if a resource can be booked once, for a timeslot for one season, or the whole season. 

- If a team trains on a field once a week, they do not want to book the field for a whole season. Instead, they want to book a specific time slot for a season. 

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

In order to enable weekly booking, you need to create a price plan for Season booking

You can find a general introduction to the creation of price plans HERE.

If you want to let your coaches/assistants/ members book a time slot for a whole season, you need to enable Seasonal booking while creating the price plan. 

TIP: If you chose this option so that coaches can book the field for training, you could choose only to allow coaches (maybe even only from a specific team) to book the time slot. 

You can also have two price plans for one resource. For example, the Football field is reserved for training in the evenings, but during the day, members can book it. It might be helpful to have a seasonal booking for the training, but not during the day, when members can book the field. Then you create two price plans, one with seasonal bookings for the coaches and one with single bookings for regular members. When you choose the time slots (under Seasons, more information HERE), choose the according price plan. 

The price plan "Football field" is single booking. Meaning Coaches/Assistants/ Team Leaders (upper plan) and Members (lower plan) can book ONE time slot. The price plan "Football field seasonal" is a Price Plan with Seasons booking. Here Coaches can book a specific time slot for a whole season

Under   Booking in the subcategory Seasons you chose the price plan you want to use for the time slot. For the football field, two price plans have been created. If you want to enable weekly booking, you choose the according price plan under Seasonal Booking. 

The season template might look like this: 

The yellow time slots are single bookings. The blue time slots are seasonal bookings

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