How do I edit my membership details?

Who can edit member information?

- Both coaches, assistants and team managers can delete members on their team(s) (unless you choose to block this option in the Club settings. In that case, they can simply request to be deleted, after which it is up to the club administrator to delete).

- As a club administrator, you can delete all members across all teams in the club

Go to Members in the club and Edit Member Info

  1. Click on  on the top left 
  2. Click on MEMBERS
  3. Find the member in the list and click   on the right next to the Actions column
  4. Change information as you wish
  5. Change membership status of the team if necessary
  6. Finish with the green Save button

Please note that you cannot edit the member's password or credit card details for payment of e.g. subscriptions through SportMember.

  • TIP: If you have several hundred members in the club, you can search for the member's name in the search field to find the right member more quickly in the membership list
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