How can I see who has/hasn't paid their membership fee?

What can I use the overdue list for?

- See who has paid/not paid their membership fee (only shows payments that HAVE been created in the system and sent by email)

- Modify the charge you have sent (amount, payment deadlines, exemption, add comment)

- Send reminders to individual members or all at once

- The overdue list is automatically updated when people pay (and amounts are automatically transferred to the club's account)

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Once you have set up your club's membership fee and/or team payment on SportMember, you can keep track of all payments in one place.

Open Finance and Individual Payments

  1. Click on in the top left corner
  2. Click on  FINANCE
  3. Click on Individual payments on the left

  • TIP: If you want to see the payment overview for a single team's membership fee, select Payment on the left and click on the  icon on the right of the specific payment

See the full payment overview

You will now see the overdue list/payment overview, which will include a lot of columns at the top of the table itself:

  • Member Number
  • Name
  • Automatic payment: whether the member's payment card is set up to deduct the amount automatically
  • Ref no.
  • Payment: the name of the membership fee itself
  • Team: which team the member is on
  • Amount: may be defined individually for the member
  • Status:
    • Paid (green): the member has paid his/her membership fee and the amount has been transferred to the club's account
    • On its way (yellow): the member has paid his/her membership fee, but the money is not in the club's account yet
    • Not paid (red): the member has not paid his/her membership fee
  • Payment deadline: automatic deadline for member's outstanding
    • Before new collection period = the deadline is your chosen start date when you create the membership fee
    • For new member created in the middle of the active membership fee period = the deadline is 7 days
  • Comment: a self-defined note you can add
  • Blocked: Shows if the member is automatically blocked from signing up to activities

  • TIP: You are recommended to narrow down for which entries you want to display in your table overview at the top. For example Status (paid/not paid etc.)Payment deadline (e.g. last 6 months), Paid (from/to date). This will help you to get an overview of the specific periods/items you need.

Edit collections

  1. Click on the amount itself in the Amount column or in the same row as the member's name
  2. Define new price
  3. Finish by pressing the green Save button and a new payment email will be automatically sent to the member

Change payment deadline

  1. Click on the payment deadline itself in the Payment deadline column in the same row as the member's name
  2. Select new payment deadline
  3. Finish by clicking on the green Save button

Change the status of the collection

  1. Click on on the far right under the Actions column in the same row as the member's name
  2. Click on one of these:
  •   Change to: Normal Payment: the charge is changed to the standard price
  • Change to: Paid in cash: The charge is changed to a cash payment
  •   Change to: Exempt: The member is exempted from paying
  •  Change to: Free pass: The membership fee is paid by the municipality
  •  Change to: Free payment: The membership fee is paid by the club
  • Add comment: The comment appears in the Comment column
  •  Block: the member is blocked from participating in activities (until the fee is paid)

Extract data into Excel

  1. Click on More on the right of your screen
  2. Click on Export to Excel

Note: Remember to filter first, so you only get the data you want exported

Send reminder

See this guide for details on sending reminders to multiple people at once.

  1. Click on  in the Actions column in the same row as the member's name
  2. Choose between the two templates : Reminder 1 or Reminder 2
  3. Add extra comment to the reminder email
  4. Finish with Send and a new payment email will be sent to the member

    Note: put the mouse on  to see when the last reminder was sent

  • TIP: You can select several reminders at once to the left of the member's name (tick the box). Now you can send reminder emails to multiple/all outstanding at once. Remember to filter first!
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