How do I set up the monthly membership fee?

How does the monthly membership fee work?

- Only club administrators and/or treasurers can manage and set up the monthly membership fee collection on SportMember

- The system automatically charges members of teams via email - including new members - each month

- Members can pay with VISA/Mastercard (SportMember provides the redemption agreements)

- Monthly membership fee can be set up individually for one team, but also for several teams in the same monthly membership fee

- If a member is on multiple teams associated with the same monthly membership fee, only one charge will be received

- If a member is on several teams, each with its own monthly membership fee, several invoices will be received

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Make sure you have registered your club's bank account number on SportMember in advance, so you can receive membership payments through the system.

Then go to Finance

  1. Click on  in the top left corner
  2. Go to  FINANCE
  3. Click on Monthly payments on the left
  4. Click on the green button Create monthly payment

You now need to create the conditions for a monthly membership fee. The membership fee is automatic, that is to say SportMember will send out the invoices as a yearly wheel based on the months you choose.

14 days before a new month starts, all members of the team(s) will be charged automatically, unless you have manually exempted people or changed the amount.

Create monthly subscription

You will be asked:

  • Payment Name: Title of the payment email received by member.
  • Household discount
  • Administration fee paid by club or member (£0.35 + 1.0%)
  • Automatically block registration for activities when the payment deadline has passed
  • Select the months to be charged in
  • Price
  • Enrolment fee: Member's first payment
  • Trial period
  • Exempt automatic trainers

Note: In the field What to pay if starting during the month, please pay special attention.

This is where you decide how new members should be charged for the first time, which is either:

  • Price is adjusted automatically:
    • The system calculates the remaining amount for the month according to the number of days left
    • E.g. automatic charge for 11 days remaining if you join on the 20th of a month
  • Price is adjusted on specific dates:
    • Define self-selected cut-off dates with reduced rates
    • Automatically charge people if they are created after these dates
  • Don't pay until next month:
    • No payment for remaining month
    • First charge is therefore only the following month

When all of this is selected:

  1. Click on Next
  2. Find the team(s) in the left column and click on  next to them to select for the monthly membership fee
  3. Click on Save
  4. Click on Change payment status next to the member to change the conditions of the individual member's membership fee (e.g. exemption/change amount)
  5. Finish with Save and close

  • TIP: If a member is on more than one team and each team has its own monthly membership fee, make sure to exempt the member from the fee(s) the member does not have to pay

14 days before a new month starts, the invoice is generated and mailed to the member (see the Email column).

As soon as the first draw date of a monthly membership fee has passed, the collections/payments themselves will appear in Individual Payments.

Turn on automatic payment

We recommend that you as a club to turn on automatic payment. This means that you have decided in advance that payments are made automatically from month to month (always by the 1st).

This way, you do not have to charge people for non-payment.

As soon as a member sign off a team, SportMember stops charging and deducts the amount from the credit card.

Go to Club settings and Finance

  1. Click on  in the bottom left corner
  2. Go to Club settings
  3. Click on Finance on the left

Under the Credit Cards section, select Members are forced to save their credit card info and finish with the green Save button at the bottom.

Note: If you turn this option on, ONLY the member's first charge will be received by email 14 days before the month starts.
Here the member enters its card details, which are stored in the system so that future transactions are automatic.

This means that the member will instead receive a receipt by email when the payment is automatically deducted on the 1st of the new month.

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