How do we get started with member fee payments?

On SportMember you can do the member fee payments automatic by using our smart payment system. It can be used by all sports!

The payment system to collect membership fee can be found under "club". To get started with the payment system you have to be an administrator of the club. After that follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Club" in the menu bar. Under this section you find "Member fee". After this you can click "Create account number", where you have to fill out all the club information. By creating a club account you have to upload a picture of legitimation.
  2. Then click "Create new payment" and choose which team the member fee payment is attached to. Fill out the payment information and click "next".
  3. In the payment system you can choose whether it is a one-time-payment or it should be in rates as a subscription.
  4. Following you can change the amount or excuse players for the member fee payment. After this click on "Create and send payment e-mails"
  5. Then all the players will receive an e-mail that contains a link from where they can pay the member fee.
  6. On SportMember in the overview you can see which players that have transferred the money, which players that have not. If they have not transferred, you can send out reminders.
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