Sports team management app

If you’re looking for a way to have all the boring coaching tasks run automatically and thats gives you the complete overview of your sports team, then we have the perfect tool for you. What makes SportMember special is, that it’s not just a software for team management – it’s also a system you can integrate through all levels of the sports team. SportMember meets the requirements of every sport team that wish to have one system that can handle all aspects of administration and organizing. SportMember team management is 100% free to register and use.

Team management: Has all what the coach needs in an app

With SportMember team management, you get a completed team lists with all the necessary member information and beyond that, you as administrator can create team activities that appear across all the team calendar. Whether it’s social arrangement or a communal dinner, all the players that are on your team on SportMember will see it in their respective calendars. Newsletters can also be written and sent through SportMember. Here at SportMember, we work hard to make all administration and communication as streamlined and simple as possible. We want all of our users to think “It has never been easier to manage my team or club”.

SportMember is a fantastic online platform. Everything you need to run your team is gathered in one system. That’s why we also have tools to administer schedule, formation setting, tracking a membership fee and much more. The responsibility of running the online platform lies with the one who registers the account, but you can also outsource some of the tasks. You can add an additional team administrator, webmaster, treasurer and even create your own roles within the club. No reason to sit with the responsibility all by yourself.

sports team management software

Sports app - team management system

The free team management from SportMember combines team communication via app with modern teamer administration. Every member, every trainer and every parent has a login to the system and can directly access the teams to which he or she belongs.

Within the teams, coaches, members and parents can then handle their daily tasks, such as: organizing carpools, delegating tasks, creating polls etc. All this can be done by anyone within the team, without the coach having to interfere, and yet the coach can see everything that is going on with the team with SportMember teamer app.

The team not only gets a list with all important and necessary information of the members, but can also create activities in the management software, which are accessible in the calendar for the team. Here you can also plan summer parties or other events. From the team system you can directly write a message or email to all members and send it. The goal is to make communication and sports team management, as easy as possible.

Sports team management app - teamer app 

With SportMember you not only have the option to reach exactly those people on the team you want to reach. Also the member administration becomes a lot easier when you use our free teamer app. Each member has their own teamer login, information such as address, phone number, e-mail address, etc. are always up-to-date, and can be edited and updated by your members at any time. In addition, your members can upload a profile picture that your team also has access to. Especially in large teams, it can be hard for new player’s to remember the faces to the names or names to the faces. 

With SportMember's team management you can not only optimize the internal communication in your team - the communication to the outside can be optimized with SportMember, so you can spend less time administering your team and instead focus on the things that you enjoy about being a sports team coach!

The sports team management app offers you a free team app and clubwebsite. A newsletter to communicate with your environment. The clubwebsite is a simple modular system that can be filled with content from SportMember. So you do not have to worry about updating your contact information or events on your homepage, because SportMember does that for you!

SportMember team management app - Team payments

At SportMember we always work to keep the workload of the treasurer as low as possible. Therefore, you can manage the memberships in the team management clearly and easy. This means that the treasurer can collect membership fees, at exactly the time that suits your team. If you get new members over the course of a season, you can also set up them to pay only a reduced fee.

The treasurer can in the software of team management app in a detailed membership overview exactly see who has paid their fees and who hasn’t yet. Players who have not paid can also be excluded from new activities until they pay. This feature saves you from chasing after members who have not yet paid.

Each member receives an overview of all old and new payments and can quickly and easily pay their fees through SportMember. Among other things, payment information can be entered once into the membership administration program and the payment process can be automated.

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