U10 Comets - Sandhurst Ravens

Sun, 26 Nov 2023, 12:00
U10 Comets - Sandhurst Ravens
12:00 - 14:00 Sunday 26. Nov
Home game vs  Sandhurst  Ravens 

Home game vs Sandhurst Ravens 

The temperature has dropped this week but the Comets determination certainly hasn’t , off the back of a win they started well and had some brilliant passing from them all. Mr freeze wasn’t going to be stopping them!

A shot on goal from sandhurst was saved by Dylan who started off a team effort attack with the ball going from Comet player to Comet player up the pitch with some great passing from Josh which ends up back to Luca who with a big kick to Will shots on goal but unfortunately the shot just went wide . 

Fizaan  was up next and fancied his chances to grab his first goal , his shot on goal went into keepers arms though. 

Again , some more lovely passing from Comets ended up with Fletcher putting through Will who hit the ball first time and ends up going through keepers hands and into the net . 1-0 .

From the restart Sandhurst pressured us but 

Dylan makes a save with the help of our defenders putting off their attacker and not letting him make a fully committed shot . 

Again the passing between Luca ( who was this weeks stand in captain ) to Josh who runs with the ball in and out of players and passes back to Fizaan who passes the ball through their players to Fletcher who was running to be the first to the ball but their keeper comes sliding out to put out for corner before he could get it. 


Starting the same as Q1 we showed some great passing techniques.  We ended up with a corner after another attack was stopped by Sandhurst . Alex to take the corner , and it bounces off the defender to Josh who taps it in to make it 2-0 . 

After the kick off we won the ball back quickly and with Josh aiming for a cross in it just crosses the line for a goal kick before we managed to get there. 

A brilliant Shot from sandhurst outside the box gets swooped up by Dylan and booted up the other end for our attack but their defence was onto the ball before us closing down any attack . 

3rdquarter : 

Alex with another corner and again passing between Comets inside the box left Fletcher to tap it but the keeper knocked it out of play giving us another corner . 

Alex places the ball inside the box lands to Henry who places it in the back of the net first time 3-0.

4thquarter ;

 Fizaan again fancied his chance in the middle of the pitch and sets up himself for a shot on goal but a deflection from their defender ends up the back of the net 4-0 . 

Power play to sandhurst meaning they could now have an additional player . But this didn’t seem to faze the Comets as again passing from keeper Dylan to Zaeem who runs down the wing with the ball crosses it in to Alex who makes it 5-0 

With Sandhurst bringing on another player making it 9vs7 did we let this faze us , absolutely not we could have faced Barcelona today and come away with the win the way the Comets played as a team . With our continued commitment of pressing on goal the only thing stopping us from coming away with double figures this week was the Sandhurst keeper , despite having 5 scored past him he was still up for stopping anything coming his way. 

We won the ball back from Sandhurst and was then kicked up the pitch towards Fletcher who picks it up and runs between the two defenders and attempts to chip the keeper but it goes just wide of the post. 

This being the end of the game .

Results 5-0 

Player of the match goes to Josh who showed Great team spirit with his hard work in his role this week and with some pin point passing helped us secure another win.


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