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22 years! For the first time in 22 years, a new man is in charge of Arsenal. Legendary Arséne Wenger stepped down as Arsenal manager last summer. His time at Arsenal was charactarized by dividing the fanbase. One of the most succesfull managers in English football but a his last years at the club was not as succesfull as everybody around the club wished. 

The new man in charge, Unai Emery, have had a difficult first year so far. Arsenal is currently at a stage where they seem to be rebuilding to climb all the way up to the top. Right now, they are placed 4th in the Premier League and still in the Europa League. A decent first season for a new manager, who is replacing a legendary Arséne Wenger, the man who led Arsenal to the only "Perfect Season" in Premier League history - a season without any losses. Unai Emery's boys are showing great promise and might be a team to look out for in the near future!

arsenal trøje

The new Arsenal shirt: A whole new look!

Arsenal is one of the most winning clubs in English football's history. 13 domestic titles, 13 FA Cup titles, latest one in 2017. Despite the fact that Arsenal haven't won a Premier League title in 14 years, SportMember took the shirt for a review. 

The new Arsenal shirt is manufactured by PUMA again this year, which will be the last arsenal shirt from PUMA this time around. Next season, Arsenal and Adidas have agreed to a deal starting next season. The new shirt is produced with 100% polyester with PUMA's own dryCELL-technology. The fabric is produced to wick sweat from the inside of the shirt to the outside. That way, the new Arsenal shirt will keep you dry and cooled through the whole workout - and you will not feel the shirt clinging to your body. Furthermore, the shirt is made with raglan sleeves and a special designed collar. This will ensure the most natural and comfortable fit.

arsenal trøjearsenal trøje

The new Arsenal shirt has a whole new look to it compared to last year's shirt, where the polo collar was a part of the design. We all know the colours, they will most likely never change. The classic combination of the red and white colours remain. But not entirely as we know it. PUMA added a little extra detail to the red colour, where different shades of red are incorporated in the fabric. 

Very cool detail that adds a layer to the red colour and makes sure the red base of the shirt is not dull. But PUMA has done even more to add to the Arsenal shirt. They created an extra detail on the chest of the shirt. A pulsating pattern of white, faded dots. The amount of detail on this Arsenal shirt is fantastic and PUMA really managed to give the shirt a new look with the same base structure. 

The new Arsenal shirt has the same white 'panels' running from the sleeves and up to the neck. But again, PUMA added another detail to the classic Arsenal-look. On the white sleeves, red pin-strupes have been added to give a contrast to the white dots across the chest. Another detail to the fantastic, well rounded - and still classic - Arsenal shirt.

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Arsenal logo: The Canon

As a real fan of "The Gunners", you wear the Arsenal logo on the chest with great pride! But do you know the story behind the logo and the nickname? Arsenal's original name was Dial Square - a workshop at the weapon factory Royal Arsenal - a team consistent of workers from the workshop, when the club was founded in 1886. After that, the club changed its name to Royal Arsenal og later Woolwhich Arsenal. 

In 1913, the club bacame The Arsenal, which at last was changed to Arsenal F.C as we know them today. The whole history behind Arsenal gives a natural reason for the nickname "The Gunners" and the logo. In comparison to other clubs, Arsenal have not changed their logo much throughout the years. The logo has always consisted of one cannon - and more! Back in 2002, Arsenal changed their logo to the current one. The cannon was turned around despite the fact that the cannon was facing left to right all the way back from 1949. But why turn the cannon around? When Arsenal turned the cannon, it meant they could copyright their own logo!

arsenal trøje

The conclusion: The new Arsenal shirt

  • The new Arsenal shirt has really given new life to the red and white look. The shirt has loads of small details that adds life and vibration to the shirt!
  • It's the first PUMA shirt we review at SportMember. We conclude that the dryCELL technology really works - you can be certain that the shirt is produced to help you stay dry and comfortable. 
  • Despite all the small, peculiar details, the new Arsenal shirt still has the same, classic Arsenal-look with the red base and white sleeves.
  • All in all, a very complete and beautiful Arsenal shirt!

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