FC Barcelona shirt | Visca El Barça!

The reigning champions of Spain, FC Bardelona, is leading the title race in La Liga 28 games into the season. A pretty flawless campaign so far with rivals Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid being 1 or to steps behind through the whole season. 20 wins, 6 draws and only 2 losses so far for Messi and co. European football has also shown Barcelona from their best side as they remain one of the biggest favourites to clinch the title. Barcelona won their group without much struggle and dispatched Lyon in the first knockout stage, again without much trouble. A tough draw for the Catalan side see them going up against Manchester United which might be the biggest task so far in the season! Here at SportMember, we got our hands on this season's Barcelona shirt and we took it for a review. 

barcelona trøjebarcelona trøje

The new Barcelona shirt: The Catalan pride!

FC Barcelona is without a doubt one of the biggest clubs in the world. If you just take a look at the trophy cabin, the Catalan capital is one of the most decorated club in world football. Barcelona has won 25 La Liga-titles (7 of these within the last 10 years!), 30 Copa Del Rey-titles and 5 Champions League titles - and the amount of trophies speak for themself. To win as many titles as Barcelona has through the years, you need some of the finest talent to represent your club. Football royalty like Diego Maradona, Brazilian legends, Rivaldo and Ronaldo, and maybe(!) the best player to ever step on the pitch: Lionel Messi. 390 La Liga-goals make Messi the most scoring player to ever grace the Spanish league. A club like FC Barcelona can't be avoided when we review the shirts of the biggest clubs around Europe here at SportMember. So let's take a closer look at the new Barcelona shirt!

This year's Barcelona shirt is once again manufactured by Nike, who has provided FC Barcelona with shirts through the last 20 years. The shirt is manufactured in Nike Breathe lightweight material wit the Dri-FIT technology, which ensures that you are cool and dry in the heat of the game. The shirt makes sure to wick the sweat from the inside of the shirt to the outside, which will make the sweat evaporate faster. Something that every footballer appreciates. The shirt will never cling to your body when playing with this new Barcelona shirt.  

barcelona trøje

When it comes to a Barcelona shirt, the question is not whether there will be stripes or not. The question is rather how the stripes will look this time? FC Barcelona has since the founding in 1899 played in red and blue striped shirts and this year is no exception. Since then, the stripes has been changed in direction, thickness and number. Last year, the well-known Barca stripes were curvy and had different thickness. This year, the new FC Barcelona shirt is blue with 10 vertical, red stripes. But why did they chose 10 stripes? The amount of stripes is specifically important this year. The 10 stripes represents the 10 districts in Barcelona. The stripes have the same thickness as they are worth equally as much. A symbol that unites the whole city around the club and contributes to the pride and love for the city and the club. For a long period, the Catalan people have fought for independence from Spain. Naturally, that means the Catalan flag is a very important symbol, shown in the neck area of the shirt. The same area of the shirt is made with special, thin fabric, which helps the shirt "breathing". This ensures the best possible experience in training and matches for the player, who wears this legendary shirt. 

Barcelona has an unconventional "sponsor" on the back, UNICEF. But it's not a regular sponsorship deal. Barcelona was the first football club in the world to agree to a sponsorship deal, where Barcelona GIVES money and free advertising for a non-profit organisation. 

FC Barcelona logo: Changes on the way!

Every football fan knows the Barcelona logo placed on the left side of the chest on the new Barcelona shirt. Since 1910, Barcelona's logo only received minor changes and adjustments i colours and shapes. The overall look has been the same in all of the +100 years the club has excisted. Next year's logo will have a small adjustment. The new logo will have the letters "FCB" removed from the logo - the letters seems to be quite redundant. FC Barcelone is such a big brand and they prioritised to foster the club's colours and the football.

barcelona logobarcelona trøje

SportMember reviews: The new FC Barcelona shirt

  • The new Barca shirt has the same, classic Barca-look as always, charactirised by the red and blue stripes on the shirt. It takes some research to understand the meaning behind the stripes. A somewhat hidden meaning behind the look - you could have done more to tell the story.
  • The shirt is incredible to wear. You really notice the Dri FIT-technology working. Fantastic ventilation which always makes sure you are cooled when using the shirt. You clearly feel the top quality of the shirt's fabric!
  • We love the Barcelona-logo here at SportMember! Very few clubs in World football has made such few changes to their logo through the club's excistence and that's a huge tribute to the club's roots and origins. A small change to next year's logo, but a minor one and the logo remains in the same style. Huge respect!

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