How Football Is Good For Community Building

Fans from all over the world have come together to watch one of the biggest spectacles of sport recently - The World Cup. The sport itself brings plenty of things to the table - non-stop action, unpredictable games and rabid fans. 

These football fans are some of the most fanatical around - playing football games wherever they can find them, for example on consoles and the new casinos found on CasinoSource. But there’s something else that Football brings - a sense of community.

Today we’re going to have a look at the community-building aspect of the beautiful game. This often goes overlooked but can help bring communities of people together in a way no other sport can.

Building Bridges Through Football

Football is the national sport, loved by boys, girls, men and women all over the country. One of the biggest things that football brings to people are feelings of loyalty, passion and a sense of belonging - especially through sharing a love of the same football team. 

There aren't that many barriers to entry in the football world and walking into the right bar in the right spot can lead you to make a new friend for life by simply asking the question “So, who do you support?”.

Football In The Community

There are plenty of different community projects that include football as part of their programs, knowing it’s an incredible tool in their arsenal to build a group where people feel like they belong.

Any community needs members and the first step is getting its members to show up. The sheer consistency of having members turn up regularly - whether that’s online or in person - can help reinforce the sense of community between people who otherwise would never have met.

This consistency also proves to the other members that the community they are a part of is sticking around for the long run, not just some sort of flash in the pan. Community football events are often once or twice a week, with events scheduled regularly (if the weather permits!).

A Community That Inspires Conversation

A community that stays quiet isn’t inspiring and isn’t prospering. The football community is one of the most vocal on the planet, and the local community-based programs can help people voice their opinions in an organic and constructive way with like-minded people.

Outside of local communities, you also have forums and message boards such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook groups and more that help people connect with other people with similar views. There is so much opportunity, as long as you know where to look.

A Place of Mentors

Many people who have an interest in Football know the rules in terms of broad strokes, but don’t have any hands-on experience when it comes to the finer points or tactics, the chemistry between players and more. 

Many of these communities have mentor-like figures who can not only help people with their basic knowledge but also inform them about the intricacies of the game. This not only helps people develop confidence, but it also improves their game if they happen to play.

A Sense Of Competition

Being a team sport, there’s an underlying sense of competition between the two. These friendly communities can stoke this rivalry to not only help develop a sort of friendship built through rivalry but also as a driving force to help people develop the skills they seek.

There are almost unspoken rules to make sure that people don’t step out of line. Although the odd bit of “trash-talking” and outdoor voices is extremely common! Aside from this, competition can really help to bring out the best in people, make them want to go further and reach their fullest potential.

Community Strength

Finally, the community that is built through these programs can help its members through an overwhelming sense of loss and tragedy. Simply being able to take people's minds away from life-shattering incidents is probably the most important aspect of these bustling communities. People who have suffered the same can come together and share their grief, seek support and gain strength through the character and team building of Football.

One program that has done exactly this was a program that was started by a single youth worker after the tragic Grenfell Towers fire that saw 72 people lose their lives. The founder used football to help numerous victims of the tragedy gain a sense of belonging and hope, showing the everlasting strength of the Football community.

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