Share videos with your teammates

Have you shared the video of the decisive goal or sprint, or the sing along from this years summer party with your teammates? On SportMember you can uploade your own videos directly to the team gallery, giving every member the chance to watch along. 

It has never been easier to have a closed internal gallery, which can only be accessed by the teams members, where you can share images and videos with each other. Through the gallery you can create a place full of images and video from all the various activities you've shared through the years.

Through your teams gallery page, you can access a specific gallery on your phone, and from there upload images and videos you might have stored on your phone.

Hurtigt vil I som hold kunne opbygge et galleri fyldt med billeder og videoer, og et hav af minder.

Quickly you'll be able to build up a gallery full of images and videos, and all your great memories.

Uploading videos to the team gallery, is a feature exclusive to SportMember Premium users.

Video upload.png
Uploadede videoes are marked with a little "camera icon" in the gallery.
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