How to get started on SportMember

Welcome to our guide to setting up your club on SportMember, we'll go through the various steps that you'll need to take, to get up and running.

How to create a club

To create a club on SportMember, all you have to do is click the “Create profile” button in the top right corner, found on the SportMember website. Now you’ll just have to fill out some information about yourself, such as your name and a unique username and password that you’ll need to log-in going forward, so make sure that it’s a username and password that you’ll remember.

You’ll now be asked if you want to create a member, a parent, a coach or a club, here you’ll choose “Create club”. You now need to enter the name of your club, the name of one of your teams, and choose a sport for that team. Now just hit “Create”, and your club is created.

How to create teams

A club normally consists of more than one team, an example could be Under 7s, Under 8s, Under 9s and so on. To create teams within your club, you’ll need to hit the “Teams” button, found in the club menu on the left.

You should now see a list of teams that are in your club already, most clubs have created at least one team when they signed up. To create new teams, you’ll need to hit the button in the top right corner that says “Create team”. 

To create a team, you then need to enter the name of the team, and choose a sport, afterwards you just need to click the “Create” button. 

You can now already choose who needs to be the first coach of the team. You can invite a coach, you can create a coach, you can choose a person who’s already signed up as a member of the club and make them the coach, you can make yourself the coach, or you can choose who needs to be the coach at a later point.

You can now just repeat this process until you’ve created every team within your club.

How to create activities

To create activities for a specific team, you’ll need to access that team through the team select button, found in the top right corner, the icon has three people on it. You’ll need to click the name of the team that you wish to access.

Once you’ve accessed the team, you’ll need to go to the team calendar, found in the menu on the left. In the calendar, you should be able to see a button in the top right corner, saying “Create activity”.

To create an activity, you’ll need a name for the activity, a type of activity, a date and perhaps a time slot. There are also various other features you can fill out regarding the activity, such as a maximum number of participants, a meeting place and so on. Once you’ve filled out everything you need, you just have to click “Create” on the final page, and the activity is created.

Once the activity is created, your members can see it in their calendar, and be able to attend that specific activity.

Create members

Members are always connected to at least one team, so to create members we first need to access the team that they need to be a part of. So first off, you'll need to click the icon in the top right corner with the three people on it, and then select the team that you wish to access.

Once you’ve accessed the correct team, you’ll need to click “Members” in the menu on the left. Once you are on the specific members page, there are multiple ways of getting the members to join the team.

One of the ways you can create members one by one, is using the “Create member” function. Here you need to enter their name and email, they will then be created on the team right away, and receive an email about how to log on the first time. Once they log in the first time, they will be asked to accept terms and conditions, and to create their own password.

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