How do I create an event?

What is an event?

- Club events such as competitions, camps, social events, etc. that cost money to participate in

- Anyone can sign up (even people who are NOT members of the club). You do NOT become a member of the club by signing up

- Payment is required upfront. Registration is done via the link

- Only club administrators can create events

- Members can pay via credit cards

- You can create different ticket types/add-ons depending on whether you have different contracts and offer optional extras

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Make sure that you have registered your club's bank account number in Holdsport in advance so that you can receive membership payments through the system.

Create an event

Go to Club Calendar

  1. Click on in the top left corner
  2. Click on Club Calendar
  3. Click on the green Create Activity button on the right side of the screen and then Create Event

You will now be asked to fill in the information in the form.

Note: The start/end date determines when the actual event takes place. Registration open/close is the registration process itself, which of course must both open and close BEFORE the start date takes place. In addition, registration is automatically closed when the maximum number of participants is reached.

You will also be asked to define the price and ticket types:

  • Price:
    • The actual ticket type(s) you are buying access to
    • Add as many ticket types as you want

  • Additional services:
    • Extra options that you can optionally purchase in addition to the ticket itself
    • Add as many as you want

  • Enrollment options:
    • Extra options that do NOT cost extra. These are included in the ticket
    • Add as many as you want

  • Club bank account:
    • Where payments should go to
  • Color/background image/logo for the event

When the event is created, a URL/link is automatically generated and you can find it by clicking here:

  1. Click on More
  2. Click on Manage events
  3. Click on the name of the event

  • TIP: Send this link to interested people, upload the link on your official Facebook page or insert it as a link on your website to draw attention to the event

This is what the event registration page looks like

Edit event

  1. Click on More
  2. Click on Manage events
  3. Click Edit next to the event name

Note: You can add prices, but not change the price of existing additional services/tickets. Contact SportMember at [email protected] for this

See registrations and options/add-ons

  1. Click on More
  2. Click on Manage events
  3. Click on View and/or Participant

  • TIP: You can export an Excel file containing information and options/purchases

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