How do I define club terms that members must accept?

What are club terms used for?

- The club's own terms and conditions, which all members must read and accept in order to use SportMember/join the club

- Typically used for image acceptance on website, consent of disclosure of medical needs etc.

- New members must agree directly when creating on SportMember

- Existing members will be asked to accept when using the SportMember app

- If you make changes to club terms and conditions, all existing members will be asked to accept them again

There's no answer to this question related to the use of SportMember from the app.

Create club conditions

Open Club Settings and Club Conditions

  1. Click on  at the bottom left
  2. Click on Club Conditions on the left
  3. Define your club conditions and finish with the green Save button

  • TIP: Use bold, italics, bullets, numbering, links etc. as you wish

Once you have created the club terms, it will show up in three places:

1) On registration forms on the club website, if you are using the SportMember's website module. All new members MUST accept before team request.

2) In the club membership list on Holdsport. AClub Terms column will appear here, with the field either blank if the member has NOT yet accepted club terms, and checked if the member has accepted club terms.

3) On the member's app, where all existing members are asked to read and accept the club terms.

Note: If you change the text in the club terms, all members will be asked to accept them again. In your member overview, everyone will be unchecked again.

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