Resource management as easy as ever

Does your club have many teams? Do you often experience confusion and discoordination, regarding which facilities the individual teams have access to? In that case, SportMember will be your new favourite tool if you are the resource scheduler at a sports club. Avoid writing and calling all the coaches of the club – instead, register with few clicks, which pitches each team is allocated to. This makes your end of the resource planning and scheduling much easier. The members will enjoy a detailed, fast and easy overview of all the club’s resources.

Resource scheduling along with everything else

The resource page in SportMember is a module, where the club’s administrator/director can distribute fields, halls, courts, changing rooms or tennis rackets teams or players. With our resource management software, you can add these teams or players to specific dates or on a fixed basis. When creating new activities in SportMember, you can also book available the available resources allocated to your sport so that they become attached to the individual activity. This makes the system fantastic to clubs who wants to do everything in one place. It plays extremely well with our online team calendar

Everybody's overview - you allocate

Even though it’s only the administrator of the club that has the right to allocate the resources, it is possible for all the members of the club to see who has booked what, and when it’s available in the individual periods. With this system, we also allowed coaches to be able to book resources. With the resource management tool, you can do everything as you please. You can make everything more flexible as everything can be booked on a daily basis if that’s what you need. You can also create the fixed environment where everybody easily can check when and where they are supposed to meet up for training. If somebody who booked a resource cancels, everybody will be able to see that, and coaches of the club’s teams will be able to book the now available resource.

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