Girls U10's Wildcats - Coventry United

Sat, 04 May 2024, 09:00
Coventry United - Girls U10's Wildcats
09:00 - 10:00 Saturday 4. May
Away - Girls U10 Wildcats 🔵🔵 vs Coventry United

We were up early today as we travelled to sunny Coventry. After a recent run of home matches the team in our sky blue away kit looked almost unrecognisable, as was our performance in a game where we never really got going. Perhaps the team are saving themselves for next week’s cup Semi-Final!

The last team to beat us was this same Coventry United team. We struggled against them when we played them at home and we struggled again today despite them not being very good in either game!

We were not helped today by a referee who should get himself down to Specsavers immediately - he seemed to cause confusion throughout the match with repeated incorrect decisions against both teams. Credit to the referee at one point however for not caving to Coventry’s calls for a penalty when Brooke defended strongly and fantastically against the Coventry striker. It was not a foul and also was outside of the area anyway. Some of the language coming from the Coventry coaches right in front of both sets of players was completely unacceptable. 🤬

Emilie-Rose was kept busy in goal and made some good saves. We didn’t test the Coventry keeper nearly enough in the match - a few shots late on the match almost caused some problems.

A disappointing last league game of the season but much to look forward to over the coming weeks.

🌟Player of the match - None

🌟Parents player of the match - Emilie-Rose

🌟Players player of the match - Maisie


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