Make sure that your members have accepted the latest terms and conditions of the club

Something that often varies between different clubs are membership terms and condition, which applies to every member of the club.

Clubs often needs the members permission to show images of them on the clubs website. Other clubs might need permission to store medical information about the member.   

Unique terms for your club

At SportMember it's possible for the individual club to have their own unique terms and conditions which the members must agree to, if they wish to apply for membership. This will apply to members who are applying for membership through the clubs website, but also the existing members of the club.

When an existing member accesses his or her profile, they will be met with a page, where membership conditions can be read and then agreed to. When the members accepts the conditions, the administrators of the club will immediately see this on the list of members.   

Automatic notification to members when new conditions are launched

Through the years, it's quite normal for a club to change its terms and conditions.

When a club administrator changes the clubs terms and conditions, every existing members will be shown a pop-up window with these new terms and conditions, the first time they log on. They will be told that these needs to be accepted if they wish to remain a member of the club.

To have the option of entering your own terms and conditions, the club needs to be signed up to SportMember PRO

Club terms and conditions.png
When a new member signs up, the clubs terms and conditions needs to be agreed to, before that person can become a member.
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