Real Madrid shirt | Los Blancos classic!

"Los Galácticos": A look at Real Madrid

The Spanish giants Real Madrid is without a shadow of doubt one of the biggest and richest clubs in the world. It's hard to find a person who has never heard of Real Madrid. But Real Madrid are suffering at the moment. They seem to be awfully far from a contender for the La Liga title this year, being 12 points behind arch rivals, Barcelona, with 11 games left of the season. Barcelona shows no signs of slowing down at this point. Real Madrid's Champions League came to a very disappointing end last week. Ajax Amsterdam was the major underdog, but charismatic for Real Madrid's season, the win in Amsterdam from the first leg was not enough to see them through. 

A huge disappointment followed with a crushing 1-4 defeat at Santiago Bernabeu, and that was enough for club president, Florentino Pérez. Real Madrid has just appointed their third(!) manager of the season. Back with "Los Galácticos" is one of the most succesful managers in the history of the club, Zinedine Zidane. The man who brought home 3 Champions League trophies in his 3 years as a manager. Maybe the only man who can turn the fortune of the current Real Madrid team, who clearly suffered from losing one of the all-time greats, Cristiano Ronaldo. Despite the tough times right now, Real Madrid is among the most respected clubs with one of the biggest fanbases worldwide. 

real madrid trøje

The Real Madrid shirt: ‘Los Blancos’

Despite the tough season for Real Madrid, we are still dealing with one of the most winning clubs in European club football. If we quickly forget the current situation and look at the trophy cabin at the Santiago Bernabeu, the club's glorious history is only for others to envy. Real Madrid is a 116 year old club, in these 116 years, Real Madrid won a whooping 89 trophies. 33 La Liga-titles, 13 Champions League-titles and 19 Copa del Rey-titles! Impressive, simple as that. Without comparison the most succesful club when it comes to the biggest tournament of them all, Champions League. 6 titles more than any other club and the first club to break the famous Champions League curse. The first club to win the Champions League two times in a row after the name change - and even a third year! It's impossible to avoid Real Madrid's shirt when we review football shirts here at SportMember.

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Adidas has been the manufacturer  of Real Madrid's shirts through the last 20 years and this season's Real Madrid shirts are manufactured in 100% reused polyester. This provides the shirt with fantastic quality. Furthermore, Adidas has incorporated the Climalite-technology  in the fabric. With this technology, you will always play under the most optimal conditions possible. The Climalite-technology makes sure that you always stay cool and the shirt is always as comfortable as possible. The shirt is able to wick away sweat, which ensures the best possible experience. The shirt will not be clinging in the heat of the game. The fabric is produced in a lightweight material, it feels incredibly soft and light, you will almost not notice wearing a shirt.

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When the stars enter Santiago Bernabeu, they will do it in a Real Madrid shirt in a classic and minimalistic style. This year's shirt is kept simple with only the white colour - from where the name "Los Blancos" or  "The Whites" origins. The shirt is all white but it has received a small twist compared to the previous Real Madrid shirts. The white colour is a a couple of shades darker than we normally see. Last year's Real Madrid shirts had blue stripes on the shoulder. This year, the contrast is stronger due to the stripes and Adidas logo now being black. This change has spiced up the shirt a bit and created a different and stronger contrast. 

As one of the few clubs in the world, Real Madrid has never changed the colour of their home shirt. It's always been white and that will likely never change. On season, Real Madrid tried to combine the white top with black shorts - that was very short lived. Real Madrid and Adidas tried to recreate the legendary 2001/02 shirts, where the look was the same with the white shirt and black stripes. As an added detail, a button has been included in the collar to give the shirt a more classic look - brilliant detail, if you ask us. Even though the collar is smaller than the 2001/02 version. A closer look at the button shows us another great detail -  the button has "Real Madrid" written on it. 

real madrid trøjereal madrid trøje

Real Madrid logo: The crown

The well-known Real Madrid logo is embroidered on the chest of the new Real Madrid shirt. Most people know the logo, but have you recognised what the logo actually consists of? If you take a look at the Real Madrid logo, you'll see a circle of gold with a blue on both the inside and outside. Within the circle is a blue transverse line behind a couple of different gold shapes. If you take a closer look, you can see it spell out the letters 'MCF'. This is an abbreviation for 'Madrid Club de Fútbol'. The crown on top of the logo has been on and off the logo a through the years. The first time the crown was on the logo was in 1920, when the club was guaranteed royal support, from where the name "Real" (Royal) came into the picture. 

real madrid trøje

SportMember reviews: Real Madrid shirt

  • The classsic, simple look is thought through and well executed. The all white colour with black contrasts gives the new Real Madrid shirt a very minimalistic look. Black on white. A brave move to remove all other details and extra stuff on the shirt - but it works!
  • Recreation of the shirt from the 2001/02-season works as a tribute. Real Madrid won the Champions League-final against Bayer Leverkusen on a legendary goal scored by - who else than - Zinedine Zidane!
  • The quality of the shirt is absolutely top class. A very comfortable experience wearing it. Never clinging, even when you sweat the most. 
  • What do you think? Do you like the simple, or do you miss more detail?

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