Registration and payment for sports camp

With Holdsport, you as a sports camp manager can manage and coordinate registration, membership payments and much more of the practicalities that normally take forever to arrange. This feature streamlines this work and is ideal for football schools, handball schools and other summer events where you need to keep track of a lot of information about children and activities. The setup is completely free and without obligation.

Easily accessible member list

As the administrator of the sports camp, you're in charge. What is the maximum number of participants allowed? When does participation start and close? What should the camp cost? Everything is in your hands. If the registration includes a set of player clothing for each child in any size, it's up to you to define sizes, colors, etc.

However, this doesn't mean that the system is designed solely to facilitate the registration process for participants. The administrator receives a detailed member list filled with information on all registered children, so there is no need to collect and enter data for each participant. It also provides an overview of the children's options, so you know, for example, how many shirts and shorts to order in the respective sizes and colors.

Once the sports camp has been created in the system, Holdsport can be used in the same way as sports teams and clubs do all year round. With activity creations in the system's calendar, which automatically sends notifications to keep members updated on the camp program.

Seamless registration process

Registering and paying for a sports camp has never been easier. Holdsport generates a link to a website where each participant's parent can easily register their child for, for example, the local football or handball school during the school summer holidays. In just a few minutes, the right size uniforms are selected and the entire event is paid for, so you can send your son or daughter off to play sports and games with friends in peace and quiet.

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