Boys U12's - Atherstone

Sun, 14 Apr 2024, 10:00
Boys U12's - Atherstone
10:00 Sunday 14. Apr
U12 HOME vs Atherstone

Sunday 14th April

Stockton juniors u12 vs Atherstone u12

A difficult game against top of the league this morning. We knew today was going to be a tough game! The message at the start of the game was to stick together and work hard for eachother.

The first half started evenly with both teams creating chances. Stocktons corner routine brought them most joy putting the opposition under pressure in their own penalty area. During training this week we had worked on trying to limit teams entry into our penalty area and the boys tried really hard to implement it.

Half time 0-3

Second half the boys continued to work hard to close down the opposition but as the half went on and energy levels dropping the opposition extended their lead.

Against an opposition who haven't lost a game all season today's game was about the boys leaving everything on the pitch and coming off having done everything they could to put up a fight. They certainly did that and should all be really proud of themselves. If they keep up that level of effort for the rest of the season they will be just fine ⚽️

Final score 0-9

Player of the Match - Alfie

Parents Player of the Match - Eddie

Thanks to our amazing sponsors Talenttech & RP painting and decorating


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